Sherry M. Knowles


Sherry M Knowles is the Principal of Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies, LLC (Atlanta, Georgia), which provides global guidance on complex IP matters, litigation, licensing and prosecution strategy, policy and investor support. Ms. Knowles has over 30 years’ experience in global corporate and private practice. From 2006 to 2010 Ms. Knowles was the senior vice president and Chief Patent Counsel at GlaxoSmithKline, as worldwide head of patents for litigation and transactional matters, managing over 200 people in 12 offices.

In 2008 Managing Intellectual Property named Ms. Knowles among the top 10 most influential people in intellectual property, referring to her as a “patent owner’s advocate”. In 2010 the New Jersey IP Lawyers Association awarded GSK (with Ms. Knowles as representative) the Jefferson Medal for exceptional contribution to intellectual property. In 2010 Managing Intellectual Property named the GSK global patent team the In-House IP Team of the Year for 2009 for its constructive approach to IP in the developing world, engagement with public policy in Europe and successful resolution of the US Patent and Trademark Office rules matter in the United States. In November 2011 Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) listed Ms. Knowles among the top 50 key individuals, companies and institutions that have shaped the IP marketplace in the last eight years. Ms Knowles is listed in IAM Strategy 250 (2011), IAM Strategy 300 (2012-2019), Managing Intellectual Property’s Top 250 Women in IP (2014, 2016-2018), IP Stars (2016-2018) and IAM 1000 Leading Patent Professionals (2015-2019) as well as IAM Global Shapers 2020.

Ms. Knowles testified before Congress in June 2019 on “The State of Patent Eligibility in America: Part I”, and also submitted additional responses to written deposition questions from Senators on U.S. Patent Policy. She has submitted Amicus Briefs to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court on issues of U.S. patent policy.

Ms. Knowles is a frequent speaker on legal and policy issues relating to intellectual property, and particularly the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.  Ms. Knowles is the author of the article “Fixing the Legal Framework for Pharmaceutical Research” Science 327 1083 (2010), and a Response Letter to the Editor, Science 328, 1354 (2010).  She is also the co-author of the articles “Vertical Disintegration in the Pharma Industry-The Role of IP”, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, Issue 45, Jan/Feb 2011, p. 10-15; “Robin Hood, the Magna Carta and the European Convention on Human Rights”, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, Issue 52, March/April 2012; “Monetization Models in Biotech and Pharma”, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, Issue 57, January/February 2013; “Headwinds for the U.S. Biopharmaceutical Industry”, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, Issue 73, January/February 2015; and “Twenty Years after TRIPS Agreement-Are We Closer to Global Substantive Patent Harmonization?”, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, Issue 75, December 2015/January 2016. Ms. Knowles was quoted about U.S. patent issues on page 7 of Financial Times 17 October 2017. Ms. Knowles is also the co-author of Knowles and Prosser, Unconstitutional Application of 35 U.S.C. §101 by the U.S. Supreme Court, 18 J. Marshall Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 2018.

Ms. Knowles is also the founder of The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation and The Kectil Program, which has mentored over 2000 youth in 72 developing countries on leadership, ethics, innovation, entrepreneurship and positive social advancement (www.kectil.com). She is the author of “Youth in Developing Countries Speak Out: Female Roles in Society” (2018).