Scott Frank

President & CEO Intellectual Property

Scott Frank is the President of AT&T Intellectual Property. He is responsible for the identification, development, protection, management, marketing, licensing and sale of all company-wide intellectual property for AT&T.  Scott was named President of AT&T Intellectual Property in March of 2007 following the December 2006 merger of AT&T and BellSouth, where he had previously been the President of Intellectual Property since 1998.  When Scott joined BellSouth in 1998, it had less than 50 patents issued in its first fourteen years of existence and had not proactively marketed its IP.  At the time of the merger (8 years later), BellSouth Intellectual Property had more than 1000 patents, had been recognized by BusinessWeek for the significant value of their patent portfolio, and had added significant dollars to BellSouth’s bottom-line from its IP license and sales efforts.  His AT&T Intellectual Property organization has grown the patent portfolio to approx. 15,000patents worldwide, been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the #2 most valuable patent portfolio in telecom behind only Qualcomm, and has successfully licensed and sold patents, trademarks and copyrighted technology to add significant dollars to AT&T’s bottom line. 

Scott received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech, and his Law Degree and Masters in Business from Georgia State University. 

Scott lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is married with four children.