Reah Miyara

Product Manager

Reah Miyara is a product lead for the Algorithms & Optimization team at Google AI. His area of focus is driving technical strategy and research related to algorithmic foundations of machine learning, data-driven large-scale optimization, and market economics. His team produces state of the art ML techniques to solve fundamental challenges across Google, benefitting Ads, Search, YouTube, Play, Geo, Cloud, and more. Examples of recent research interests include online ad allocation problems, distributed algorithms for large-scale graph mining, mechanism, design for advertising exchanges, and robust and dynamic pricing for ad auctions.

A proud alumnus of UC Berkeley, prior to Google AI Reah was a senior product manager at IBM Watson driving innovation for numerous applications of cognitive computing. Additionally, he developed fraud detection systems at Intuit and played an integral role in optimizing the system for telemetry parsing and communication as part of the Mars Curiosity Rover team at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.