Patrea L. Pabst, J.D.


For more than three decades, Patrea Pabst has provided comprehensive intellectual property counsel to pacesetters in the biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical fields. She identifies the market potential of clients’ discoveries, then designs practical, business-oriented solutions to achieve their strategic goals.

Patrea brings a critical business perspective to her legal advice on a wide array of patent matters.She advises corporations, universities, and investors in startup and early-stage initiatives on some of today’s most cutting-edge technologies.

Clients rely on Patrea to evaluate their technology with an eye to patentability and valuation, prosecute patents before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and coordinate corresponding international filings. She provides strategic planning for her clients’ immediate and long-term goals, reviews licensing agreements, and renders legal opinions. Patrea is also a formidable advocate for her clients in administrative proceedings and opposition proceedings before patent offices in jurisdictions around the world.

Committed to excellence in all areas of her practice, Patrea balances her clients’ commercial objectives with their budgetary requirements to support their bottom line. Many of Patrea’s clients have chosen to remain with her for decades, a testament to her dependability, productivity, and value.

Patrea spent nearly a decade as a medical researcher before becoming an intellectual property lawyer. She is an inventor and holds her own patents, which gives her keen insight into the scientific mindset and research process.

In addition, Patrea is the author of numerous articles and book chapters, a contributor to the Journal of Tissue Engineering, and amember of the Health Care Advisory Council.