Dr. Kai Westerwelle


As a German Certified Specialist Attorney for Information Technology based in Bird & Bird's San Francisco office, Kai supports companies with their international business, with a particular focus on international privacy law, IT law, and tech transactions. 

For more than 18 years he has advised national and international, mostly US, companies in Germany on IT transactions, outsourcing and cloud computing projects, national and international license agreements, restructuring and IoT projects. In addition, he has always focused on German, European and international data protection law. After transferring to the US in 2014, Kai's international privacy practice has further strengthened as he leverages comprehensive European work experience with a deep understanding of the US approach to international privacy. 

Besides supporting US clients doing business overseas, he helps US companies to expand internationally to Europe, Asia-Pacific or the Middle East. When taking this step, US companies often feel challenged by the comprehensive legal framework they are confronted with. Using his comprehensive international background and incorporating the overarching international presence and expertise of Bird & Bird, Kai provides business oriented, solid, and timely solutions turning a 'no go' expectation into a 'know how' experience.