Bruce Berman


Bruce Berman is founder and chairman of the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding, an independent non-profit that he founded in 2016 dedicated to raise awareness about creations of the mind and their impact on people and business. CIPU provides outreach within an educational framework to improve IP literacy, promote freedom of ideas and deter theft. CIPU has held IP Awareness Summits in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, as well as topical briefings in Washington, DC.  

Bruce is managing director of Brody Berman Associates, a management consulting and communications firm that works with innovative businesses, service providers and investors.

Since 1988, Brody Berman has supported 200+ businesses, portfolios and strategies, as well as more than 80 law firms and their clients.

Bruce is responsible for five books about the business of IP, including From Ideas to Assets, and has written The Intangible Investor column for IAM magazine since 2003. IP CloseUp, an update on trends that he publishes, has generated more than 240,000 visits and is read in more than 50 countries. Bruce holds a masters’ degree cinema studies from Columbia University, where he taught for four years in the graduate program and completed course work and comprehensives for the Ph.D.